Women & Whiskies was created in New York City in 2010 – when women didn’t frankly care all that much about aged spirits. We set out to create a safe, friendly environment for them to learn more, so they could go head-to-head with male Scotch drinkers in the board room. Since then, women have changed the conversation and the landscape – becoming as proficient in the whiskey world as male counterparts.

Not only are they proficient whiskey drinkers understanding the nuances between Ryes, Bourbons, Single Malts and whiskies hailing from as far North as Canada, but they are creating cocktail trends in bars around the country and serving as the heads of whiskey distilleries around the world. To that end, the original founding charter for Women & Whiskies couldn’t be more patronizing today, because women not only drink whiskey, they know a hell of a lot about it.

Today, we see our purpose as bringing women together – over a glass of whiskey – to discuss the issues of the day. Whether it’s equal pay, healthcare issues or striking that work/life balance, we want Women & Whiskies to be the impetus for powerful women coming together to have powerful conversations.